Ultimate Men’s & Women’s Gift Guides

Shopping for your loved ones can easily become one of the most daunting task of the holidays. For me, it’s one area that leads to a whole heap of stress if i’m not careful. This year I decided to make sure that I put time and thought into selecting gifts several weeks in advance instead of running around at the last minute to find the perfect gift for my mom, sisters, brother in laws, friends, etc. These gifts would be great for many different ages and relationships!

1. Ring Toss Game | 2. Toiletries Bag |3. Beer Chiller Sticks | 4. Memory Foam Slippers | 5. Grilling Spices Set |6. Manicure Set | 7. Grill Accessories Kit | 8. Wood Docking Station | 9. Yeti Travel Mug | 10. Beats Wireless Headphones |11. Echo Dot with Clock |12. Shiatsu Neck Massager

I got the Phone dock for my husband several years ago for father’s day and he has used it ever since. He also has these wireless Beats Headphones and (from what hes told me) they’re great quality, comfortable and the fact that they’re cordless makes it super convenient to do various tasks around the house, go for a run, mow the grass, etc. We just recently got this neck massager and BOY is it powerful! Both myself and my husband have used it for the last several days and its a big hit!

1. Wrap Bracelet | 2. Pixi Face Tonic Set | 3. Memory Foam Slippers | 4. Revlon Hair Drying Brush | 5. Tumbler | 6. Hat | 7. Soft Plush Robe | 8. Cuff Bracelets | 9. Eyeshadow Palette | 10. Coffee Mug Warmer | 11. Madewell Socks | 12. Key Ring Bracelet | 13. Blanket Scarf

I feel like women can be even more difficult to shop for than men, sometimes. Especially if you know the person super well, or hardly at all. I always have the hardest time finding gifts for my mom and sisters. Now that we are all out of the house and in our own stages of life, we don’t get a whole lot of time together. Ultimately I try to get them things that I know I would love and based on their personalities but There’s a little something for everyone here and I think any woman in your life would be elated to receive any one of these! These wrap bracelets from Victoria Emerson are some of my latest favorites. They make it super easy and quick to accessorize with one item instead of several while also looking put together and fashionable. I wear mine just about every time I get dressed.

A good pair of house slippers and a robe are always a good option. I’ve been hesitant to buy a nice robe and slippers for myself even though I need them so I can only imagine that other women are the same way. I’ve also been debating on buying this Revlon Hair Dryer for months now because everyone I know that has is says its the best thing since sliced bread.

A good neutral eye palette is something that everyone can appreciate. If they aren’t a big makeup person then they definitely don’t know where to start and probably have a hard time trying to find some good shades to wear for a night out, a wedding or a Christmas party. If they’re big makeup buffs like me then you can never have too many palettes and colors to work with!

If I worked outside of the home and didn’t have my Nespresso and coffee pot at my disposal you bet I would have this coffee mug warmer on my desk. It such a nice simple gift that would get a lot of use for a coffee or tea drinker! I’ve added a few other things that I love and have on my own Christmas list like this Key Ring Bracelet and these socks! I hope this gives you a few more ideas to gift those you love and ease your mind as we celebrate the quickly approaching holidays!




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