Stocking Stuffers for the Stressed Procrastinator

Hello friends! I’ve been browsing the World Wide Web searching for some great stocking stuffers for my boys. The last few years I’ve been fed up with all the last minute crap I’m scrambling to find to fill up their stockings so this year I was determined to be more intentional about what I put in their stockings. I always end up spending all of January picking up random crap dollar toys my kids don’t actually use or play with while trying to tame the whining of “why can’t I have my fifth piece of stocking candy.”

Being more thoughtful about what I put in the kids stocking this year is already relieving my anxiety about the future. I really just wanted to lessen gifts this year and work on giving my kids fewer smaller pieces and more quality items or items that I know are practical and will get a lot of good use. So I’ve compiled what I’ve come up with for you with link so that if you’re sitting there stumped like me, you’ll be able to stuff your stocking with a few clicks and a lot less stress.

1. Pizza Teether | 2. Sophie the Giraffe | 3. Llama Book | 4. Pouches | 5. CutiePAT | 6. Banana Teether/Toothbrush | 7. CutieTensiles | 8. CutieClip | 9. Cactus Teether | 10. Sound Machine | 11. Moo, Baa, LALALA Book

1. Bananagrams | 2. Jumbo Playing Cards | 3. Foam Alive | 4. Pop It | 5. Alligator Dentist Game | 6. Sushi GO! | 7. Water Colors | 8. Chalk | 9. Twistable Crayons | 10. Water Coloring Books | 11. Toothbrushes | 12. Minecraft Drawing Book | 13. Squigz | 14. Paint Brushes

As you dive head first into all the holiday things and start stressing about gifts, stocking stuffers and such, I hope this makes it just a tad bit easier on you!