Boys Christmas Toy Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! There’s nothing better than the hustle and bustle of warm conversation, a feast with friends and family, and the time off to do all the fun things with those you love most. Personally, I love this time of year for just that! What I don’t love is the stress. Coordinating schedules, events, traveling, buying presents for everyone…it’s all just so overwhelming. I rely heavily on Target, Amazon and recommendations from friends to get all my gifts picked out and purchased. Having three boys, three different ages has made it a little easier because what one kid is growing out of, the younger ones are growing into, be it clothes, toys, etc. I’m not much help in the girl department but I’ve compiled all my favorites toys for boys from birth to 8 years so hopefully your holiday season is just a tad less stressful.

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1. Baby Banana Teether | 2. Sophie the Giraffe |3. Rainmaker |4. Dimpl Baby Learning Toy |5. Skip Hop Matching Book | 6. Lil Squish Jellyfish | 7. Infantino Block, Balls & Buddies | 8. Fisher-Price Vacuum | 9. Soothe and Glow Seahorse | 10. VTech Activity Cube |11. Activity Tree

1. Slide | 2. Scooter | 3. Apple Threading Toy | 4. Little People Skyway | 5. Elmo On the Go Letters | 6. Basketball Hoop | 7. Trampoline | 8. Building Blocks | 9. Carrier Truck | 10. Bike

1. LEGO Creative Box | 2. Scooter | 3. Crazy Fort 4. Snap Circut | 5. Minecraft LEGO Set |6. Drone | 7. Imaginet the Jurassic World | 8. Kinetic Sand | 9. Nerf Gun | 10. Bike

My boys are 17 months, 3 (in 3 weeks,) and 7. They all have or are getting all of these options! I hope that was helpful and makes your shopping a little less stressful this holiday season! Happy Shopping!