Blogging and Social Media Marketing | Why it’s Booming and Where to Start.

Leslie from the Leslie Haymer Blog and Rachel Breniser from the Unfiltered Mama Blog have come together to bring you a series of blogs all about blogging and Social Media Marketing, also known as Influencing, but not to be confused with MLM (Multi-Level Marketing.)

In addition to a blogger, Leslie is a wife and mother. She has been married to Tim for 3 and a half years and is a stay at home mom to three boys ages 6.5, 2.5 and 1. She started blogging a mere six months ago and has enjoyed the creative freedom having a blog has given her.

Rachel is wife to Caleb and a stay at home mama to Hunter. She loves creative writing, crafting, and thrifting. Rachel started the Unfiltered Mama Blog a year and a half ago and loves sharing her journey of motherhood with others.

These days, blogging and social media are taking off at an ever increasing speed. Companies are realizing that the impact of social media is huge, and marketing is much more effective when promoted to people by people they know. Commercial views and numbers have dropped; all the while, time spent on social media is skyrocketing. As a result, companies are now using their marketing dollars to promote their business on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. You’re far more likely to purchase an item recommended by a friend, you know and trust, over something you’ve seen on television.

Due to the increasing popularity of streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, the amount of commercial viewers has vastly decreased. Because of this, companies have taken their marketing budgets elsewhere. It has become more effective to work directly with bloggers and popular social media accounts to promote products and/or services. This is known as a collaboration. The most popular way to collaborate is to partner with a particular account or blogger who shares a common target audience. Every company is different, but, generally speaking, when you collaborate, a company provides a product/service and a monetary amount in exchange for social media posts, videos, photos, blog posts etc., fulfilling the terms of the contract.

Social media is saturated with bloggers making part and full time incomes, solely working with companies and promoting products and services on their social channels. There is more to working with companies than snapping a cell phone photo and posting it on Instagram. What you don’t see, are the endless hours that go into every post, caption, photo, and blog. There are so many important things that go into having a successful blog and social media platform.

1. Branding

In the beginning, creating your brand is essential. What is your brand? When someone thinks of you and your platform what would they say is “you.” Do you love coffee? Enjoy yoga? Share recipes? Enjoy a good thrift haul? Or frequent the Target dollar section? All of these things are your brand. They’re what make you relatable and set you apart from other bloggers. How you capture your brand in photos and display it on your social media is your aesthetic. Do you like raw and unfiltered photos? Light, bright and crisp? Warm and simple? Having a cohesive aesthetic for all of your photos will give you a “look” and become part of your brand. Using photos to convey your unique mood and tone will set you apart from others.

2. Quality Photos

Companies want good quality photos of their products to use for advertising and positive representation. Most smartphones have great cameras and editing applications. To learn more about How to Take Professional Looking Photos With Your Phone, check out Leslie’s blog post here.

3. Engage

People want to follow and interact with pages that reciprocate and are personable. Likes, saves, comments, and sharing posts go a long way to increase your interaction. Your followers want to feel like they are seen and heard. They want to feel connected to you through their screen.

4. #Hashtags

To be seen and heard in the virtual world, you need to utilize hashtags. Hashtags are like social media categories. You can find relevant post by following or searching a hashtag. This is also how your posts can be found by others who aren’t following you.

5. Community

It is important to surround yourself with a community of other bloggers of various style and followings. Social media is an ever changing and evolving platform. It’s crucial to surround yourself with others so that you can constantly learn and improve. Bloggers have different things they can teach each other. Surrounding yourself with a community of women who contribute to each other’s success is a great way to grow and learn.

Social media influencing is booming because your voice is more influential than a television ad between Grey’s Anatomy and This Is Us. These five tips are just a handful of what we have found helpful on our journey to supporting our families through blogging and social media marketing. We hope they will inspire you and give you a better understanding of social media and it’s increasing use as a marketing platform for, not just, companies but bloggers, as well. So the next time you see #ad or #sponsoredpartnership just know that the future of marketing is social media.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of why you are seeing ads on your social media platforms, how bloggers are partnering with companies to support themselves and their families, and how to get started in becoming an influencer, yourself. If your voice needs to be heard, don’t be afraid to take the leap. Everyone has something unique to offer the world, find your niche and run with it. Stay tuned for our next post on Social Media Marketing | Knowing Your Worth & How to put your Foot Down.




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