5 Easy Tips to Keeping a Neat & Functional Linen Closet for FREE

I want to start by saying that my towels don’t match. I don’t have pretty baskets. My linen closet isn’t that appealing to the eye. But, what I can tell you, is that it’s functional and I’m going to give you 5 easy tips to having a neat and functional linen closet! Having an organized linen closet may not seem like a big deal, but it will change your life! Below you will be my before picture.

As a mom of three kids, it’s almost impossible to keep anything organized, unless there’s a method to the madness. Things have to make sense. Why does this go here? Why do I fold it like that? WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYTHING?! I’m going to share 5 tips that make SENSE. These will not only help you find everything but will also help you keep it neat.

If you’ve seen the KonMari method you know that the first step is to pull everything out. That’s right, pull it all out of the closet. Next you want to do two things. 1. Pull out and set aside everything you will not be keeping. 2. Separate all the items that don’t belong with your linens. Find them a home somewhere else that makes sense. I keep spare diapers and wipes in my linen closet because that’s the only place I have for them, but ideally you will want only linens and such.

Now is the fun part. How do I make it functional.

1. Items you use the least often go at the top. There’s no need to have your grandmother’s heirloom quilt at the bottom if it’s not something you use regularly.

2. Items you use the most or items that your kids use need to go at the bottom. My oldest is six and he gets his own towels and wash cloths himself. I can not tell you how many times he’s pulled the whole stack of towels down in his head. This leads to them being stuffed in there however he pleases and it gives me anxiety just looking at it. I’m a stay at home mom of three kids. Two of which are two and under and I do not want to (nor do I have to time) to be going behind him and fixing the linens everyday.

3. Fold your towels in thirds. This is a game changer, for sure. My mom always did this and I thought she was crazy making us fold them in thirds. It not only looks neat, but it keeps your fluffy towels from hanging over the edge of the shelf, just asking to be pulled down every time you grab one.

4. Stack like items in function and size together. This may seem like common sense, but it’s hardly how it’s done when my husband puts the laundry away. Towels and wash cloths should be together or close. Pillow cases and sheets. Hand towels and rags. You get the point. It also keeps your kids from saying they “can’t find anything.”

5. Get rid of what you don’t need. Seriously. I know I mentioned that above, but the more you own the more you have to wash. Two towels, wash cloths and hand towels per person in the house is a good rule. If you have guest frequently then more may be necessary but we hardly have overnight guests since all of our family and friends are family local. Two sets of sheets for each bed will save you a ton of laundry. One set to wash and a clean set on the bed is all you need!

If you have baskets laying around the house that need a purpose then by all means use those! I had a couple that I threw burp cloths and wash cloths in because we never actually fold those anyway. They just get thrown on the shelf. But I am a firm believer in using what you have. You don’t have to run and spend $200+ on bins at Target or The Container Store is you don’t want to.

I hope this was helpful and make your home a happier and more organized chaos!




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