About Me

You don’t know me (well maybe you do) but if not you’re going to after this. You’ve made it this far so let me tell you what you need to know. I’m going to be taking you through all the crunchy, coffee chaos that is my life. You’ll get to see the good, bad, ugly and uglier so stay tuned in to find out what I’m all about. In fact, head down to the bottom of the homepage and hit “subscribe” because once you’re done here you’ll be dying to read more. Okay maybe not dying but my hope is you’ll be intrigued.

I’m a mother of three boys. My life is a constant state of chaos and since two of them are two and under you can imagine the amount of coffee I must consume in order to have a productive day. Appropriately 8 cups on average is the answer. Go ahead and judge me, it’s okay. I’ll forgive you. 😉 My days are filled with snotty noses, homework, pee covered floors, and the like but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. (Okay, some days I think about it. Sue me.)

As a young mother of 3 at 26, I have experienced more in the motherhood and adulthood departments than if I had started a career fresh out of college with a bachelors degree. It’s been a whirlwind of terrifying excitement and I want to take you along with me as I begin to hash out all that I have stored in the “someday this will be useful” file in the back of my sleep deprived brain.

As I embark on this journey to make my thoughts somewhat helpful to you and your mother’s best friend’s sister’s cousin I hope, you too, will enjoy the ride.

Xoxo Leslie

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